Jefferson Freedom Cafe

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Past Performers

We've seen a lot of great acts come across our humble stage. Who am I kidding, we aren't that humble. We've had many treasured moments since we started back in 1988. Below is a list of some of the talent that has performed on our stage:

Abi Tapia
Aengus Finnan
Albert & Gage
Ann Armstrong
Annie Benjamin
Austin Lounge Lizards
Bad Livers
Beth Wood
Bill Nash
Bill Staines
Brave Combo
Buddy Mondlock
Carol Elliott
Cheryl Wheeler
Christine Lavin
Chuck Pyle
Cindy Kalmenson
Dana Cooper
Darrell Scott
Eleni Kelakos
Eliza Gilkyson
Ellis Paul
Emilie Aronson
Emily Kaitz
Frank Meyer
Greg Brown
Heather Morgan
Jack Williams
Jean Synodinos
Jimmy LaFave
John Gorka
Jonathan Byrd
Kimberly M'Carver
Little Jack Melody
Lloyd Maines
Louise Goldberg
Louise Taylor
Lu Mitchell
Marsha Webb
Mary Reynolds
Michael Elwood
Michael Austin
Michael McNevin
Michael Smith
Mike West & Myshkin
Nancy Cook
Phil Cooper & Margaret Nelson
Rachel Bissex
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Richard Gilewitz
Rick Yost
Robin and Linda Williams
Ruthie Foster
Sara Hickman
Scott and Michelle
Shake Russell & Dana Cooper
Small Potatoes
Still On The Hill
Susan Shore
Susan Werner
Suzanne Buirgy
Terri Hendrix
Terry Allen
The Therapy Sisters
Tish Hinojosa
Tom Kimmel
Tom Prasada-Rao
Tom Russell
Trout Fishing In America
Vance Gilbert
Wishing Chair
Zoe Lewis



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